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How Nutrition Supports Your Child’s Ability to be a Better Soccer Player

That’s why we’ve been leveraging our partnership with sports dietician, Rebecca Youngs, to support our athlete’s health and wellness. As an Ohio Premier alumni, Rebecca is a natural to partner with our Ohio Premier family. It was her own athletic endeavors through high school and college which gave her a desire to educate and empower young athletes through nutrition. Rebecca is an experienced clinical dietitian at Nationwide Children’s Hospital she spent her collegiate career at The Ohio State University gaining her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Master of Science in Nutrition. She also completed her residencies at the James Cancer Hospital, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Ohio State Athletics.

Ohio Premier programs are designed to ensure our athletes love the game of soccer and succeed on and off the field. It’s important for us to help them develop their skills, realize their full potential, and become better athletes. That’s why we turn to the expertise of people like
Rebecca to support your kids during their time at Ohio Premier. 

To best develop their skills as soccer players, Ohio Premier athletes need to practice a balanced diet that allows them to achieve optimum performance and even reduce injuries. In order to maximize their talents, it’s important for young athletes to understand how nutrition can be used as a tool in their athleticism. Rebecca’s work as a clinical and sports dietitian gives our athletes the tools they need to achieve optimal eating habits based on their age, skill level, dietary needs, health and injury history, and goals.

Nutrition plays a key role in your child’s skill development and potential as a soccer player. Once your child feels empowered as a player, they’ll experience every opportunity to excel in their athleticism and tap into their full potential – both on and off the field. 

Current parents with players in our Academy and Competitive programs receive emails directly from Rebecca with tips and insights. Rebecca also meets with teams and athletes one-on-one by request.

Throughout the year I will deliver nutrition talks, write articles, speak to teams one-on-one, and be a resource for coaches on a variety of topics. I want each athlete and family to feel like I am part of the OP organization and know that my goal is not only to help create better athletes, but ultimately better people. In addition to team, age group, and club wide information, I will also be taking on individual athletes to address any of their needs in a more specific and individualized manner. If you or your athlete would like to set up a time to work one-on-one, please reach out!


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